Decrease Accidents and Lower Total Cost of Risk

As the exclusive Kansas partner of THREE SIXTY SAFETY™, ICI helps businesses improve workplace safety. By partnering with THREE SIXTY SAFETY™ and ICI to integrate a complete safety system, your company can decrease accidents and lower total cost of risk.

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How It Works

We bring in fresh ideas and expert resources to help clients leverage the talent in their organization. We are confident in our approach and ability to improve results. We ensure that our clients have all of the elements in place to control risk in both a “pre and post-injury” capacity.

Lonnie Currier Lonnie Currier CIC, CRM, CWCA Vice President of Risk Management


  • Begins with training
  • Provides education
  • Establishes accountability
  • Offers claim assistance when necessary
  • Provides a roadmap that directs your company to comprehensive loss control and a healthy workforce

What THREE SIXTY SAFETY™ Clients are Saying

  • Quality Granite and Marble regarding the 360 Safety Program
  • Regent Park Rehabilitation regarding the 360 Safety Program

THREE SIXTY SAFETY™ has been a great help to our company… The monies that we saved didn’t go into our pocket. They were reinvested… We’re seeing more results because of the attitude of the employees and the company than the actual pocketbook. That’s a major benefit to us. The value is tremendous and we are looking to continue that for a long time.

- Jim Bauer, THREE SIXTY SAFETY™ Client

My agent has been very helpful and professional in helping us increase our safety and reduce our loss exposure.

- Ryan Adkison, Butler County

Our agent is always there when I need him and offers his help when it is needed most. Safety of our employees is number one on our priority list and I know I can lean on him if I need to find something or if I have any questions regarding safety.

- Stacey Richards, Five Star Mechanical Inc.

In 2013, Foundation Properties enrolled in the ICI THREE SIXTY SAFETY™ program. With the help of ICI, we initiated regular teleconferences and developed new safety guidelines and procedures. This allowed us to dramatically reduce our work-related injuries and produced well over six figure savings on our Work Comp premiums company-wide.

- Chris Rea, THREE SIXTY SAFETY™ Client